Corucia zebrata Solomon Islands Skinks

Character/ social behavior

Beside their morphological specifics members of the different “island” populations are characterized   by their distinguished specific character.
Schmidt (1998) reported the different nature of representatives within each group of Corucia‘s island forms, which I personally was able to observe fundamentally within my different groups of prehensile tailed skinks as well (Zollweg, 2013).
Therefore “fundamentally” because the relevant attributes of each single „island- form“   change during special stages of life.   
 Members of the „Guadalcanal“- morphe are presumed to be very calm and not aggressive.  However, females become after birth to aggressive devils. Similar to all other female prehensile tailed skinks they defend their new born against potential predators.

Beside this special situations and based on findings and observations in captivity the main character attributes of each single “island- form” are as follows:

  • „Guadalcanal“: Calm and less aggressive.
  • „Malaita“: Usually both sexes are very aggressive.
  • „Isabel“: Docile, however, young and sub-adults aggressive. Aggression is often signalized in advance (erecting and expanding of the upper part of the body).
  • „Bougainville“, sub-species; C. z. alfredschmidti: Hardly aggressive, curious.

Whether at the end of the day the various island forms of Corucia are determined as “subspecies” seems to be a question of “definition” and must be clarified based on scientific debates.

However, taking into account the most recent developments and the described different attributes in character and appearance it makes more sense to talk about “sub-species” rather than “island forms”.
Time will tell Observations made in captivity relating to the family/ clan - like social structure within Corucia zebrata populations have been verified by scientists   (Hagen, 2012)

Breeding/ offsprings

The reproduction rate of Corucia zebrata is very small.
Fundamentally after round about 6 month of pregnancy 1 to 2 neonates are given birth.

Corucia zebrata „alfredschmidti“ juv.
Corucia zebrata „alfredschmidti“ juv.